We adore Xero at Insight Finance Solutions. As Xero Silver partners, we love bringing the simplicity and efficiency of the accounting software to our clients. Here are 10 reasons to choose Xero accountancy software.

10 Reasons We Love Xero Accountancy Software 

1. No jargon: Xero is built and designed for you – the business owner, so it’s straight talking in your language!

2. It works for us finance professionals too! Just because it’s jargon-free doesn’t mean it’s been ‘dumbed down’. It’s a very sophisticated system which we love too!

3. It’s bright, colourful and easy to use! Let’s be honest, if something is dull and grey, we’re unlikely to log in! Xero accountancy software literally brightens up your day when you login! It’s easy to navigate around too and is stress-free to use.

4. It’s cloud-based: you can log in from anywhere – on your phone, from the office, on a building site, a beach in Bali…you have the freedom to choose!

5. Its focus is automation: Xero was born from the essence of making time-consuming tasks, automated. From reconciling banks and chasing overdue payments, Xero will reduce the amount of time you spend on your finances leaving you free to focus on what you do best!

6. App integration: Xero is the ‘Apple of accounting software’ they’re at the forefront of development and are constantly working with developers to bring in even more automation. Xero integrates with more software and apps than any of the competition – over 700 to be exact! We’re talking about everything from direct bank feeds, to booking systems, stock systems and payment providers.

7. Kickass reporting: what’s the point in doing all the day to day stuff if you don’t get anything out of it? Gone are the days of bookkeeping simply for year-end compliance – welcome to the age of real-time information which enables you to manage and grow your business through conscious and well-informed decision making. In our opinion, Xero’s reporting is by far the best due to the number of reports available, the clarity of information provided and the flexibility to amend the reporting format e.g., time periods reported and comparatives.

8. Training: Xero is all about empowerment, whilst they fully respect the importance of a qualified accountant and bookkeeper, they equally understand that having a solid understanding of your finances is key to business owners growing their business. They have therefore developed a brilliant training centre full of awesome tools to assist you in operating Xero. There’s everything from the Xero basics, to running payroll.

9. Help Centre: Xero have a brilliant help centre which assists massively if you are unsure of how to complete tasks or think you’ve done something you wish you hadn’t! They also have a support team on hand who you can deal with directly if you’re still unsure.

10. Pricing: All of this for just over £1 per day. Their most basic package is £14/mth and their top package is £36/mth and with each package, you get unlimited business users and can even give your accountant/bookkeeper direct access.

Fancy seeing how Xero can make your business finances a doddle?

Why not arrange a chat with us at Insight Finance Solutions? We love to make business finances seamless and Xero is one amazing powerful way to do that. Contact us to arrange a time to chat.