As we near the end of 2021, we look back on our “Year of Adjustment” – how we and our clients learned to adapt our businesses and our mindset and what we’re looking forward to in 2022…


The Lockdown….

2021 started with another national lockdown which, as 80% of our clients are in the hospitality and fitness industry, meant that there was a lot of downtime until 12th April. We used this time with our clients to fine tune their finances, planning their re-opening cash flows and breaking through any money mindset blocks that the previous year had built up. We used this first quarter to plan for smooth reopening and, of course, world domination.

Abbie joined the team in January and we incorporated in April. We also used the slower start to the year to ensure that our internal systems were working as efficiently as they could be and implemented our new practice management software Karbon.


Reopening in Spring

Spring is a wonderful time of new beginnings and growth and nothing reflected this quite as well in 2021 as the news that the lockdown was over and businesses could reopen. With the planning in place from quarter one, our clients and the team were ready to hit the ground running. Our clients were raring to go and we had built the systems to ensure that, as an outsourced finance department, we could support our clients and our own business growth in the next stage of restrictions lifting.

Once everyone had found their feet again, clients were seeing opportunities to grow with some embarking on new revenue streams and others acquiring additional sites. It wasn’t just our clients who were growing, we gained many new clients and this year have doubled in size!


A Blooming Good Summer

Everything always seems a little brighter in summer and, with the plans we’d built during the first half of the year, we and our clients could enjoy a fruitful summer. The team at Insight Finance Solutions Ltd enjoyed a good break with our families, in preparation for Helen & Katie’s eldest children starting primary school and Abby’s eldest starting secondary school in September. This meant new plans being put into place as we got used to school runs, PE days, after school clubs and a whole new life schedule! We have also worked on bringing more value to our clients by developing our services around payables management and strategy planning.


Looking Forward to 2022…

Whilst we don’t know what the next year will hold in terms of the pandemic, we do know that we and our clients have used this “year of adjustment” to build upon the great work that they do. We and they have put in place systems to allow us to adjust our plans if needed and do so with a positive mindset. We have all developed many new skills that will continue to serve us for years to come. But for now, we know that each and every one of our clients has been amazing and we can’t wait to see what awesomeness is created in 2022!

If you’re unsure about how 2022 will look for you and your business and need some help to see more clearly, contact us to arrange a chat.