At Insight Finance Solutions we first connected with the team at Capitalise at the end of last year, and boy are we glad that we did! There seems to be no better time than right now to access the level of support and advice around funding and investment that Capitalise offers.

When people think of ‘accountants’ they often have a very limited experience. You may have delivered a box of receipts once a year and never really heard from your accountant apart from during tax return season. Modern accountants are integral part of their clients’ business lives. We are not just there to help you reduce your tax bill, a good accountant actually becomes an advisor and trusted source of expertise. That’s why we are accountancy advisors and as such, our service offering differs depending on your business needs.

At Insight Finance Solutions we want to see you win. That means working more closely with you to find the solutions to your financial problems. Once day we could be working out the best EPOS systems for a business, the next we could be advising on online recurring payment software or helping you submit a loan application to the bank. It really is very varied but our expertise provides an exceptional return on investment in terms of business growth, stress reduction and empowering you with expert knowledge.

In order to stay ahead of the curve with our expertise we are ALWAYS on the lookout for fantastic software and sources of information, inspiration and support for our clients.

Capitalise is one of those sources we have discovered and we have completely fallen in love with it.

What is Capitalise?

Capitalise is a one-stop online shop to access over 100 different funding options and investors for your business. In the last decade, over 50,000 bank managers have left the profession meaning Capitalise is allowing us accountants to take the place of a bank manager and work with clients to access the right kind of funding. Capitalise prides itself on ‘bringing people back to banking.’

If you have a relatively new business, especially at this time around COVID-19, then getting loans from your bank in your first year of trading can prove difficult. Capitalise has many different funding options to choose from, here are three you could potentially access in this scenario:

Invoice finance
Invoice finance allows you to use your business invoices to get paid up to 95% of their outstanding amount upfront. Payment can be quick with invoice finance – usually in under 24 hours, one approved for the facility.

Asset finance
If you want to invest in new equipment, but don’t have the funds, asset finance could be a cost effective way to fund purchases and spread the cost of equipment over its economic life. Capitalise has lenders specialising in hire purchase, leasing and refinancing.

Merchant cash advance
A merchant cash advance also offers quick access to capital and is an established alternative to traditional bank loans. You use your credit card transactions to secure funding – and pay back a small percentage when your customers pay with a credit or debit card.

Why should someone consider using Capitalise?

We are working with our clients right now at Insight Finance Solutions on all the support that is available during the pandemic and looking at short term funding options and Capitalise has been a real help.

We expect platforms like Capitalise to be massively popular at this time as people are looking for short term funding to bridge the gap at a time when income may have dropped or become obsolete. For those businesses claiming 80% wages from the government, while the support it amazing, it won’t hit business bank a counts until the beginning of May meaning employers may have needed to fulfil two PAYE payment runs to furloughed employees by that time. Employers are still paying cash out of their accounts to staff during a time when they may have very little or no income coming in and short term funding options may be required in this emergency situation.


We also love the time saving nature of Capitalise. With our help, you can complete one application and apply to four lenders at the same time. The software scours over 100 lenders to find the best solution.



Need some expert help?

Every business need is different and never more so at this time. It is why we have dedicated time in our diary to jump on a video call with any business owner looking for help and advice to ease the anxiety, get some answers, get some support and walk away feeling more clued up and a little less stressed about the future. If you need a confidential, understanding and caring ear at this time, get in touch and let’s arrange a chat ASAP.



Helen Crapper is the founder of Insight Finance Solutions. Helen and the team specialise in accountancy advice at every stage of business and help make finances stress free for clients. Helen is also a coach and uses money mindset coaching to help business people remove their personal blocks and limiting beliefs to grow as people while growing their businesses.

To have a chat about your business finances and how Insight Finance Solutions can help you, get in touch.