With the autumn statement due soon, recent worries of a cost-of-living crisis and a Prime Minister who is richer than the King, we’re seeing a lot of negative comments about “the rich”. But are the rich really as evil as they’re made out to be, Helen discusses how your perceptions of the rich may be clouding your judgement…

How Do You Think About The Rich?

One of the most common money mindset blocks we see is the perception of “the rich”. Growing up, conversations around rich people I heard was that the super rich people got there unethically and illegally. They don’t pay taxes, they think they’re better than everyone else, they aren’t nice people and they think they know everything. This is no judgement to my family at all, in fact most clients who visit us with mindset blocks have experienced the same or similar. It’s a common perception, but is really true?

Are You Blocking Yourself From Becoming Rich?

We’ve all heard the negativity that surrounds the rich and how people feel about them.

“They’re only in it for themselves” ~ “Capitalism, grrrr”, ~ “They eat their servants” – (ok, maybe not the last one but you probably could find a corner of the internet that believes this).

All of this negativity can lead us into a subconscious mindset of “well, I don’t want to be a bad guy, so I can’t get rich”.

When you start your business, you’re creating something that you love, something that you’re passionate about that can help you to make your mark, but don’t you also want to make money? Will you suddenly become an “evil capitalist” if you can afford more luxuries in your life?

In her book ‘Money A Love Story‘, Kate Northrup asks some great questions to help identify if this subconscious mindset is playing out for you…

  • When I think of rich people…
  • People with money are…
  • Growing up, I was taught that people who have money are..
  • My experience around people who seem to be living prosperously has been…

Ask yourself these questions and answer them as honestly as possible. Do you think your initial answers are right? What ‘evidence’ do you have to suggest they are accurate/inaccurate?

What Type of Rich Person Would You Be?

We hear the bad stories about the mega rich and there could be a nugget of truth to it, but there’s also overwhelming evidence of wealthy people giving back to communities, to schools and to provide a better world for us all.

How would you behave if you were rich? Would you want to help your family, give more to charity, take more time to be with your loved ones? After all, how others choose to behave is up to them, what is most important is that the choices you make are in alignment with the version of ‘rich’ that you want to be.

Are Your Perceptions of the Rich Stopping Your Growth?

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