Why Autumn Is Our Favourite Season

Autumn is our favourite season, the turn from the warmer summer months lends a cosiness to the cooler days and darker evenings. Plus, Bake Off is back!

In our latest blog, we explore some of the reasons that we love Autumn, and how it could be the best season for you AND your business…


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5 Ways To Help Navigate Uncertainty

With the current uncertainties facing us, from the cost of living crisis to the change in our Government’s leadership, it is natural to feel a little overwhelmed. In this blog, we discuss how we are here to help, and activities you can do to help make you feel more in control…

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What To Consider When Hiring a Bookkeeper

Many business owners that approach us aren’t sure what they should be looking for in a bookkeeper, or bookkeeping company, for their bsuiness.

We explore what you should look for in a bookkeeper and guide you on the right questions to ask before hiring one.

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5 Years of Stress Free Finance


This month we have been celebrating 5 years of Insight Finance Solutions Ltd and we are all very proud of how far we’ve come in that time. Helen reflects on the birth of the business and her plans for the future…

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HMRC To Review SEISS Payments

HMRC are reviewing the payments made during the pandemic to self employed business owners via the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) grants. We explain how this will work and are here to help if you think you may need to repay some of the grant…

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Do You Need Some Help?

We’ve had lots of new clients come to us recently worrying about their business finances, having buried their heads in the sand (and their hands!) for a while post Covid. The good news is that we LOVE helping clients to enjoy their finances! Read on to find out how we can help…

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Do You Have a 5 Year Plan?

Like many buzz terms, the “5 Year Plan” is something that many of us are familiar with, both in our personal and business lives. But how important is having a 5 Year Plan in your business? In this blog, Helen explains why a rigid 5 year plan may not be the best thing for your business…

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Is your tax code costing you dearly? Insight Financial Solutions

Is Your Tax Code Costing You Dearly?

The new tax year began on Wednesday 6th April 2022 and if you are employed on a full or part-time basis, or you receive a private pension, you will receive a tax code notice each year.

You should have already received your new tax code via letter from HMRC, although if your circumstances have changed over the past year such as moving jobs or claiming certain benefits for the first time, these may not be completely accurate.

Do you know what your tax code is? Do you know what it means? And do you know if it is right?

Helen from Insight Finance Solutions urges you to check your tax code as it could be costing you thousands.

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