Why Cashflow Management is King (or Queen)

Last week I was honoured to take part in a conversation with Float Cashflow forecasting software and it has cemented my belief that cashflow management is the number one piece if business knowledge that I wish all business owners would embrace.

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Don’t Fall into the Dividends Trap

With current global economic situations presenting many challenges for businesses and business owners it is important to remember the Dos and Don’ts of Dividends.

Read our latest blog and advice on how best to pay yourself in the pandemic if you are not operating in profit.

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Access Business Funding with Capitalise

At Insight Finance Solutions we first connected with the team at Capitalise at the end of last year, and boy are we glad that we did! There seems to be no better time than right now to access the level of support and advice around funding and investment that Capitalise offers.

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Raising a ‘High Elbow’ to the Pivoting Pros

I talked in my last blog about adapting to the ‘new normal’ and we have been so proud at Insight Finance Solutions to offer our expertise to help those adjusting to their new normal in their businesses.

There have been many heartwarming stories about how businesses have pivoted in this time. While we can’t offer a high five, we can offer a high elbow to those businesses doing their bit and not just surviving, but thriving.

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Getting To Grips With Our ‘New Normal’

There’s a few funny phrases flying around at the moment that were not part of our vocabulary a mere three weeks ago. From ‘furlough’ to ‘social distancing’, ‘unprecedented’ to ‘pivot’ – these words are becoming part and parcel of our daily lives, our daily news consumption and the conversation we have with our connections.

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HMRC Reveal Worst Expense Claims & Late Tax Return Excuses

It’s that hilarious time of year again when HMRC reveal their best excuses for not filing your tax return on time and also the reasons why those ludicrous expense claims should be classed for business purposes. This is always a favourite on the HMRC content calendar and this year does not disappoint!

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