Rob Hattersley at Longbow Venues: Achieving Business Success with Insight Finance Solutions Ltd

When running a business, effective financial management and advisory services are paramount. Entrepreneurs and business owners often encounter complex financial challenges that require expert guidance. This is where Insight Finance Solutions Ltd comes in, we take pride in our ability to identify our clients’ unique needs and work closely with them to achieve their goals.

In this blog post, we delve into the inspiring journey of Rob Hattersley, the visionary behind Longbow Venues, and how we played a role in helping him overcome adversities and achieve remarkable success over the last 3 years.

Rob, could you share your experience of starting a business in early 2020?

“So picture the scene: You leave a very well-paid job with lots of benefits, sell your house and put all your life savings into opening a hospitality business. You open your new business just before the emergence of Covid-19. 6 weeks after opening your business, you are forced to close it. Ineligible to benefit from any grants or personal furlough, with no cash reserves, I was left high and dry in despair of losing it all. Without Helen and the team, this could have been the case.”

Rob’s journey as the driving force behind Longbow Venues began with determination and dreams, only to be met with the unexpected challenges of a global crisis. His story underscores the crucial role that Insight Finance Solutions Ltd played during these uncertain times.

Rob, could you elaborate on how Insight Finance Solutions went above and beyond the expected services to support you during this challenging period?

“Not only do Insight do everything that you would expect, but they offer so much more. Expert and experienced advice is always on hand, and I have been continuously coached as a brand new business owner on the correct decisions for me to make in terms of cash flow, tax, and how to grow my business.”

During times of crisis, the value of Insight Finance Solutions exceeded the traditional financial services offered by accountancy firms. Our role as advisors and mentors was instrumental in guiding Rob through uncharted waters and allowing him to thrive following the pandemic.

Fast forward three years, Longbow Venues have achieved remarkable success. Could you share some of the achievements you’ve reached?

“3 years later, I own the leases to 2 landmark restaurants, employ 128 staff, turning over in excess of 5 million a year with a third site in the pipeline.

All of this could not have been achieved without the support, encouragement, and advice of Insight Finance Solutions. It’s like having an in-house Finance Director, without the price tag.”

The transformation from despair to prosperity is a testament to the effectiveness of Insight Finance Solutions Ltd and Rob’s determination and fantastic team. Rob’s journey culminated in owning multiple landmark restaurants and achieving remarkable financial milestones, with many more to come.

Could you provide insight into the working relationship you have developed with the Insight Finance Solutions team?

“Most important of all, it’s about gelling with the people you work and associate with the most. I’ve never had so much fun with finance, as I have with the team. How often do you explore cash flow and funding over wine?”

Building a successful business isn’t just about numbers; it’s about the people you work with. Our team brings not only financial expertise but also a human touch that fosters an effective and enjoyable partnership.

How Can We Help Your Business?

Beyond conventional financial services, Insight Finance Solutions offers unwavering support, expert guidance, and a personal touch that can turn adversity into opportunity. As you embark on your entrepreneurial journey, consider the invaluable role that we can play in helping you achieve your goals. Rob’s success story reminds us that, with the right partner, even the most challenging circumstances can be turned into opportunities for growth and prosperity.

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