Congratulations to Insight Finance Solutions client Greg Perlaki who has secured his own fitness training space. We were so pleased to be able to get Greg into a position where his business finances are clear. It has allowed him to plan for the future and continued growth of his business.

Working with Greg from Training Unity has been such a pleasure. The personal trainer from Berkshire specialises in coaching busy parents to get stronger, pain free and live their best lives. On our last call I was so giddy to speak to him as I knew his business dreams were starting to take shape and I couldn’t wait to hear all about it.


From the start of us working together Greg always had a big goal of hiring his own training space. Like many business owners, Greg was busy running his business to look too in depth into his business finances. He kept on top of his books and tax returns but the idea of business growth and planning for growth wasn’t something that he anticipated he could do with his accountant.


We helped Greg to see his business finances clearly on a month by month basis to give him confidence in his numbers and knowing where he is with finances at any point in time.


When the opportunity arose to rent a space where he could take on his own small gym, Greg had the confidence in his business finances to know he could go for it.


During the pandemic, Greg has started to kit out the space and although he is still extremely busy coaching people online, he has been able to use the extra time to get his gym looking exactly how he wants.


We look forward to watching his business grow as lockdown is lifted and busy parents are able to use the new gym space to be trained by Greg.


On behalf of us all at Insight Finance Solutions, we wish Greg the best of luck with his new business space!


Helen Crapper is the founder of Insight Finance Solutions. Helen and the team specialise in accountancy advice at every stage of business and help make finances stress free for clients. Helen is also a coach and uses money mindset coaching to help business people remove their personal blocks and limiting beliefs to grow as people while growing their businesses.

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