common money mindset blocks that could be affecting your business

Common Money Mindset Blocks That Could Be Blocking Business Growth

At Insight Financial Solutions we do things a little differently. Yes, we provide accountancy advisory services but we also go the extra mile.


Did you know? We are mindset coaches alongside our expertise in all things finance?


It works super well with clients as we get to blend mindset coaching into the mix to truly help clients overcome money blocks.


We believe in working proactively and we believe in getting to the root of a challenge as it presents itself, rather than waiting until the end of the financial year to sort a potential mess.


Often, it’s not just the nuts and bolts of business processes that stand in the way of progress and growth, it’s our own limiting beliefs.

Common money mindset problems that present personally and affect us in business;

1. Believing you don’t deserve to earn good money

If you grew up believing that getting rich only happened to other people, then this limiting belief and money block can put the brakes on financial growth.

Remove the idea that only certain people deserve it. You deserve it too! All the abundance.


2. Believing wealth makes you unpleasant

Many people have childhood experiences or values/beliefs passed down from their parents around money and rich people. If you grew up in a poor or modest household, you may have been privy to conversations that were negative towards those who have money. It isn’t necessarily wrong, but it is common for those in a place of lack to be triggered by wealth and for this to affect their personal opinion of someone who you may label ‘rich’.

This is often, at the time, a common view towards bosses and those in authority. So if you find yourself now in the position of being the boss of your own business, your subconscious might flash back to those conversations you overheard your parents having about the bosses and big money earners.

If you grew up thinking rich people were not nice, then you might have a money block that stops you wanting to create more wealth for fear of becoming wealthy and therefore unpleasant.


3. You’re overly generous (and therefore give it away)

Some people are only comfortable giving money away rather than receiving it. If you’re overly generous your subconscious might be signalling that you’re not comfortable keeping hold of money. Think about it next time you secretly pay the bill for the family meal, or spend excessively on unnecessary business items.

If you’re more into the ‘woo’ side of things, you might be open to the idea that you’re signalling to the Universe that you can’t keep hold of money. So why should the Universe grant you the abundance of more wealth if you just trickle it through your fingers as soon as you have it?


4. Fear of Success

You’d be surprised how common this one is but a real fear of success often acts as a money block. Your subconscious might be scared of the change. How will it affect your environment? Your circle of friends? Your relationships? Your role as a parent or daughter or husband?

Our brains are hard wired to crave routine and comfort so when we upset the apple cart (even if it’s a positive thing such as huge financial success) our subconscious might be holding the puppet strings and putting things in place to actively sabotage your efforts.


5. Fear of the numbers

We see this all the time at Insight Finance Solutions. The fear of excel, forecasts and cash flow is REAL! Let’s be honest, when you started your business you didn’t get into it to become accountant, marketer and HR department all rolled into one. Those are business acumen traits you learn as you go along. That doesn’t mean you will understand them from the get-go! It takes time, education and confidence to build your knowledge on any subject, including your finances.

The fear of the spreadsheet stops many business owners in their tracks. They will ostrich their way through the financial year, refusing to take their head out of the sand until it’s tax return time and the panic sets in.


How we help remove money blocks at Insight Finance Solutions


At Insight Finance Solutions we get together every single month with each of our clients to run through the numbers, educate and answer any finance questions. This process is so valuable to help any business owner switch their number fear to number knowledge. The difference in people once they feel knowledgeable in their numbers is phenomenal! It removes stress and anxiety and instils business confidence at epic levels.


If you’ve ever experienced any of the above money mindset blocks and you’re looking for an accountancy advisory service with a difference, then why not get in touch and let’s have a chat?


We work remotely reducing overhead costs for you and your business, have monthly coaching and catch up calls about all things finance and work hard to keep your cash flow stress free.


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