We’ve had lots of new clients come to us recently worrying about their business finances, having buried their heads in the sand (and their hands!) for a while post Covid. The good news is that we LOVE helping clients to enjoy their finances! Read on to find out how we can help…

Many of our new clients set up their businesses during the pandemic and are worried about their record keeping, they’ve resisted asking for help because they feel shame about not being perfect, but as we tell them – if you were perfect you wouldn’t need us!


Are Your Receipts in a Plastic Bag?

We know how easy it is to get behind with keeping hold of your receipts. One benefit of the digital age is that often our receipts appear in our email inbox, although paper receipts are still found in the bottom of handbags, in the glovebox of our cars or, shamefully, in the washing machine!

We love working through receipts, making tidy piles and saving our clients money by finding business costs that could have been forgotten. The old cliche of accountants being handed a plastic bag of receipts still holds true in a lot of cases! If this sounds like you, don’t panic, we’re here to help! scour your office, car and home for all of the receipts that you can find, put them in your biggest bag and book a call with us!

Do You Have a Stack of Brown Envelopes You’re Afraid To Open?

Don’t panic, even the most financially organised person doesn’t enjoy receiving a HMRC brown envelope in the post! The good news is that often, these envelopes can contain good news and, if not, we are well versed in dealing with HMRC on our client’s behalf.

There is a backlog at HMRC currently due to the events of the past two years, and sometimes this means that correspondence can become confused with up to date information. Bring us all of your HMRC communications and we’ll be happy to help you make sense of it and speak to HMRC for you to clear up any confusion.

Are You Struggling To Get Paid?

We know that one of the biggest concerns that clients have in a new business is how to chase for payments owed to you. The stress of asking for your money when you have outgoings can be enormous. Recent research shows that not only do a large portion of us feel awkward asking for payment of invoices, but it can even lead to anxiety and uncomfortable relationships with clients. By outsourcing your business finances to us, we can send out invoices in a timely fashion and stay on top of things to ensure that late payments don’t cause an issue with your cash flow. We can be the “bad cop” for your clients so that you can maintain your relationship without any awkwardness!

Are You Still Using a Spreadsheet To Keep Records?

Don’t get us wrong, we love a spreadsheet here, but for keeping accurate records and making your life easy, you need something a little more intelligent. We always recommend making life easier for yourself, and can recommend the software to help! We are Xero Silver partners and love how easy it is to automate everything from reconciling banks to chasing payments, reducing the amount of time you spend on your finances leaving you free to focus on what you do best!

Xero integrates with over 700 software platforms and apps including direct bank feeds, online booking systems, stock systems and payment providers. Book a chat with us to see how your software can reduce the time you spend on your business finances.

Does Your Business Need Funding?

If you are looking for a cash injection for your new business, it may be worth investigating whether you are eligible for a Business Grant. Business Grants can cover a wide range of uses from Research & Development to training and becoming more environmentally friendly. The best part? Unlike a business loan, you won’t be expected to pay your grant back!

Find out more about accessing Business Grants here. 

Are You Ready To Feel Awesome About Your Finances?

If you’re ready to rip off the plaster and start to feel better about your finances, we’d love to hear from you! We truly enjoy helping our clients manage their business finances and enjoy life a little more! Contact us to arrange a time to chat.