February is the month of love but this year, rather than worrying about finding a date, why not use your time wisely and fall in love with your finances!

We explore the different ways you can show yourself compassion and start to enjoy a love affair with your money…

Dump Dead (Financial) Weight

Keeping our finances organised is similar to decluttering our home or desk, remember how good that feels? Give yourself a shot of serotonin by going through your credit card bills and bank statements. Are you paying for subscriptions you don’t need and could you make savings on bank charges? Ensure the resources you are paying for are what you need and declutter any that don’t serve you. Your brain and bank account will thank you for it!

Fall In Love With the Numbers

Ok, we’re not suggesting you marry a spreadsheet, but we do think that you should become involved with a budget. After going through your bank accounts, you should have a clear idea of how much money comes in and goes out each month. Now you can create a monthly budget that you love to stick to. We love building up sinking funds so that we have a “pot” to treat ourselves, for larger purchases or for emergencies such as car problems.

Show yourself love and compassion if you slip up, you’re only human and the more you budget, the easier it will become.

Self Care For Future You!

Show your future self some love by building a healthy financial pot for later in life. Use the time and money you have now to build a healthy investment portfolio, best of all – you don’t need lots of money to start!  Are you paying into a pensions or a personal investment account, such as an ISA?

Set up rules so that when your monthly income hits the bank, it goes straight out to your savings or investments. Forget it even existed, just like your ex!

Spend Your Money

Budgeting, saving and NOW we’re telling you to spend your money? Yes!

If you focus on squirrelling money away and save, save, save, eventually you will crack. Or have no life. Neither of which are great options! Book a date day with yourself, your kids or a loved one and spend money on something you love doing. Whether it’s going for a delicious coffee, a great meal or having a day of replenishing your wardrobe, you’re supposed to love and enjoy your money. By building healthy habits around money, you will know what you can spend and actually enjoy doing so without guilt or fear.

Book a Call With Us – We LOVE Talking About Finances

Honestly, we really do enjoy being accountants and dealing with finances but, more importantly, we love helping our clients to enjoy their finances! We’ve helped many of our clients to develop healthy mindsets around their personal and business finances and take them from panic and financial dread and debt to loving life and growing their bank accounts. This February, show yourself some love and contact me to arrange a chat in confidence.