There’s a few funny phrases flying around at the moment that were not part of our vocabulary a mere three weeks ago. From ‘furlough’ to ‘social distancing’, ‘unprecedented’ to ‘pivot’ – these words are becoming part and parcel of our daily lives, our daily news consumption and the conversation we have with our connections.

Getting used to a ‘new normal’s is one such buzz phrase we’ve come to understand and accept. We’ve had no choice but to accept what is happening in our lives, our economy, our businesses and all across the world.

As a coach along with my work as an accountancy advisor, I’ve found myself imparting advice and gently coaching others to help them adapt to their new normal. It truly is a terrifying time for some as the uncertainty and upset of usual routines has left many people feeling vulnerable, anxious and financially insecure.

As we move through these weeks in lockdown it is important to try and gain a sense of normality and adapt to your ‘new normal’ whatever your circumstances may be.



Adjusting to your new normal might mean accepting a pay cut but feeling grateful you are doing your bit to keep your company going.

It might mean accepting that you will be put on furlough for the time being and embrace the relaxation time that is now available to you.

If you’re self employed your new normal might be about looking at your figures from your last three tax returns, doing your research and seeing what support you can get when the lump sum payment arrives in June. We know this is such a long time away for some, so please do look into the various options available to you to arrange a mortgage holiday, credit card and loan repayment delays and even look to utilise Universal Credit to help you through these next eight weeks.

For small businesses, you might be trying to ‘pivot’ to keep your cashflow coming in while also trying to decipher the business grants available to support you at this time.

You might also be busier than ever. Which itself can bring up a new set of challenges in terms of working hours, working environment, logistics and cashflow.

You might be a parent trying to become a teacher, a lover forced apart from your partner, a person with vulnerable health leaving you confined to your home. You might be in the most painful of situations of grief and bereavement.

These truly are strange times, but as the Queen said in her speech – “Those who come after us will say the Britons of this generation were as strong as any. We will succeed – and that success will belong to every one of us.”

I want YOU and your business to succeed. I have been left speechless and heart warmed by the generosity of others in helping those in need at this time. I wanted to do my bit and realised that the way I could help is to offer my expertise for free for anyone who needs to make sense of the support available out there.

Need some expert help?

If you are self employed or own a small business and you’re really finding it a struggle to make sense of how the pledge support can help you through the coronavirus pandemic, get in touch. We can have an informal and confidential chat and help you make sense of the support.


Helen Crapper is the founder of Insight Finance Solutions. Helen and the team specialise in accountancy advice at every stage of business and help make finances stress free for clients. Helen is also a coach and uses money mindset coaching to help business people remove their personal blocks and limiting beliefs to grow as people while growing their businesses.

To have a chat about your business finances and how Insight Finance Solutions can help you, get in touch.