With the return to work for most of us in full swing, lockdown restrictions ended and schools open once again, now is a great time to take stock of what you learned during the lockdown – or what you may need help with post-pandemic!

Here, we explore our own discoveries during the last 18 months and how many businesses have not only survived, but thrived…


Getting To Know Your Money

When the first wave of lockdown hit, many business owners panicked about their finances and called us! Luckily, we’re always ready to talk accounts and were happy to help (we even provided free finance surgeries during the lockdown). We worked with clients on getting close to their money, becoming more aware of the costs in their business and identifying areas that could be improved. We worked to create avenues of finance including utilising furlough schemes, bounce back loan applications and VAT relief periods.

Being involved with your business finances is not only sensible, it was essential during the lockdown, perhaps even more so moving forward. We helped our clients see where their money was going and to determine which expenses were useful and could grow returns for them – even during the pandemic!


Learning a New Skill in Lockdown

With a period of forced rest for many businesses, it could have been easy to complete Netflix, make sourdough, take 1 hour of daily exercise and do little of anything else. Instead, plenty of our clients used the time off to learn new skills by taking advantage of a number of courses available to them – which they are now using to help grow their businesses!

What skills did you pick up during the lockdown, could they be applied in your business?


A Better Work/Life Balance

At Insight Finance Solutions Ltd, we are evangelical about creating a great work/life balance, we believe that finding that balance can be easy and can even help your business to bloom!

We are finding that many more businesses and their employees are focussed on creating balance between their work and their home life after long months at home, whether that is spending more time with their families or simply enjoying time to themselves without worrying about answering emails at 9.30pm! What can you change in your business to create a better balance?


Your Business Strategy Has Changed

Lockdown forced people to behave completely differently and their needs and wants changed as a result, but is this permanent and has it altered your business strategy?

Perhaps you identified a new need for your customers and diversified your business, did you give up physical business premises in favour of virtual trading and reducing overheads? Being forced to “pivot” during the lockdown has actually improved many businesses who had grown complacent or not moved as quickly as their customers needs moved, and now they are aligned once more. What changes did you make to your business during the lockdown?


Not Sure What Your Business Looks Like After Lockdown?

Of course, there are sadly many businesses who did not survive the pandemic, and many who are still valiantly struggling along but with no clear plan in place. If you need help with your business finances and strategy, or just need someone to talk to who understands, email info@insightfinancesolutions.com.