Were you amongst the millions of Facebook and Instagram users left horrified during the recent outage of the social platforms? Many influencers were no doubt scratching their heads about their future if the outage proved to be, as the rumours suggested, permanent. Could your business survive without the software or selling platforms you currently use?

Helen explains why now may be a good time to assess your contingency plans and future proof your business against software problems…

Do You Trust Your Software?

Whether you use a publishing tool, sell via your website or use accountancy software which automatically downloads bank transactions, you use some form of software in your business on a daily basis. But what happens when it goes wrong? Can your business survive without your current systems?

The “fall” of Facebook had wide ranging consequences for many business, even though it was only down for a matter of hours. Companies who had scheduled sponsored content missed their slots and therefore vital sales, messages went unanswered and potential clients either went elsewhere, or lost the desire to close a purchase. This has lead to a breakdown in trust for many business who primarily use the platforms to “host” their businesses.

Just as you need your customers to trust in you and your business, you need to be able to trust in the programmes you use – is now the time to evaluate that trust?


It’s Not Just Facebook That Can Go Wrong!

We know that many businesses can survive without social media platforms and so you may think this doesn’t affect you, but it does! Our accountancy software, Xero, was experiencing difficulties recently, downloading transactions twice and causing a few headaches in the office! When software works, it can make running your business a doddle but when it goes wrong, it can cause wasted valuable time and annoyance.


How Do You Deal With Software Issues?

Now obviously, when a global outage is recorded, there isn’t a great deal that can be done at the time. Mr Zuckerberg isn’t checking his DMs on a regular basis after all!

As a Xero Silver Partner, we have a great relationship with them and were able to report and resolve issues fairly quickly. Working with more personal software providers can be invaluable in this respect as you can provide feedback to an actual person and get back to doing what you do best in less time! Does your main software provider provide great contact channels and if not, are there alternatives?


What Measures Can You Take?

Every business is unique. You know the needs of your business more than anyone else. Are there ways in which you can use a range of technologies, selling platforms or communication channels to ensure you business is proofed against any outages, in any area?

Canny business owners quickly switched over to Twitter & Pinterest to market their wares, people used telephones for making actual telephone calls to friends and family. Humans are resourceful and will look for another way to get in touch, how will your business provide for this?


At Insight Finance Solutions Ltd, we chat with our clients on a regular basis about all aspects of the businesses. We operate very differently to most accountants with weekly, or monthly calls giving us a more personal relationship and opportunities to help you grow your business. Get in touch with us for a chat and see how we can help you future proof and grow your business, email info@insightfinancesolutions.com