I talked in my last blog about adapting to the ‘new normal’ and we have been so proud at Insight Finance Solutions to offer our expertise to help those adjusting to their new normal in their businesses.

There have been many heartwarming stories about how businesses have pivoted in this time. While we can’t offer a high five, we can offer a high elbow to those businesses doing their bit and not just surviving, but thriving.

Large Businesses


Louis Vuitton lends a sanitising hand

Louis Vuitton owner LVMH, based in France, committed to making hand sanitiser for French hospitals. The factory usually produces perfume for Christian Dior but by Monday 23rd March, a mere 72 hours after the French government issued a call to industry to help fill the gaps of key medical supplies, the business had hand sanitiser rolling off the production line. In the first week alone, LVMH donated 12 tonnes of hand sanitising gel to the 39 hospitals in the Paris region and by week two, factories that usually produce perfume for Givenchy and Guerlain had also answered the call. You know what I really love about this story? The hand sanitiser is in Christian Dior bottles. An amazing example of generosity, innovation, rapid response and pivoting.


Mercedes repurposes factory to fulfil ventilator need

The Mercedes factory that would ordinarily produce Formula 1 pistons and turbochargers has pivoted to design and manufacture a new ventilator to be used in intensive care wards across the UK.

In an added amazing bonus, Mercedes has made the design and manufacturing specifications available on an ‘open source’ basis. This means that any other company around the world will be able to produce these devices at speed and at scale to support the global response to Covid-19.


Nivea turns the switch to medical grade disinfectant

At two plants in Germany and one in Spain, Nivea maker Beiersdorf jumped into action producing medical grade disinfectant instead of usual Nivea toiletries to help fight the global pandemic. Although Beiersdorf had not previously produced disinfectants, the company checked which of its factories could be repurposed and has set up secondary dedicated disinfectant making lines that don’t disrupt regular production of its products. Like


Small Businesses



Honk for wine at Hattersleys

Hattersley wines have come up with a novel idea of how to embrace race social distancing and add a little fun into shopping for supplies.

The wine merchants thought they would have to close until the government announced that off-licenses would be allowed to remain open.

In order to protect both staff and customers, Hattersleys quickly adopted a drive through wine service. Customers could purchase wine over the phone or online and simply arrive at Hattersleys and ‘honk for wine’ from their car. A staff member, completed with obligatory gloves and mask, then loads the wine order into the customer’s car.

Absolutely brilliant!



Fitism hub – your very own online virtual gym

FITISM’s online service to get you through lockdown! To keep you engaged and to continue your FITISM experience, whilst giving those of you further a field a chance to join the FITISM Community. Get involved by clicking here http://www.fitismchallenge.com/live-fit

Gepostet von FITISM am Montag, 30. März 2020



My local fitness club thrives on the community aspect of its classes. When coronavirus threatened to close all gyms, the team got together to collaborate on the best way to move their entire business model online.

Within a matter of days the team had a full and thorough timetable of classes and some wonderful social aspects added into the mix too. They’ve ensured that the community continues to connect during lockdown and they are providing excellent fitness classes straight into member’s front rooms. I’ve been doing them myself and they’re awesome!



Others smashing it with online services

In addition to Fitism’s move online, NuYu Pilates, Training Unity, Ormskirk Pilates and Wendy McGovern have also been providing their fitness classes online. Hats off to you all for such a great pivot!

For those businesses that were already online, it is a time to get yourself out there and show your skills and expertise off. Businesses like online sex and connection coach Caroline D’Arcy (if you missed our testimonial video with Caroline it’s worth a watch and a giggle along. Watch it here). What better time to work on your sex life when you’re shacked up with your other half 24/7? Are we predicting a baby boom?



Need some help as you pivot your business?

If you run a small business or you’re self employed and need supporting as you pivot your business in the pandemic, get in touch. We help small businesses get stress free with their finances but we also operate as an online business. Always have, always will. So we can help support you at this time but also offer real world tried and tested advice on how best to get your business online.

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