“There’s a lot of *ah-hem* interesting things that go through my business expenses so I knew I needed an accountant who wouldn’t judge.” said sex coach Caroline D’Arcy. Watch her testimonial video here.


“I have some ah-hem interesting things go through my business accounts!” laughs Caroline D’Arcy, one of the UK’s leading sex coaches and client of Insight Finance Solutions.


Caroline was terrified of her business finances and buried her head in the sand when it came to getting clear on money. With old limiting beliefs around money stopping her from showing up fully and authentically for her clients, Caroline needed some help and support.


Believing that “Sex and money are so reflected in one another” Caroline identified the same limiting beliefs and blocks of shame, guilt and stress when it came to her finances and her sex coaching.


Since working with Insight Finance Solutions, Caroline has been coached to upgrade her money mindset and implement simple systems and innovative software to keep track of her business income and expenditure. Watch her video in full here.



Caroline was worried instructing an accountant. She knew she didn’t want a stereotypical and stuffy accountant as she needed to be able to speak honestly and openly, with no judgement, about what she does.


Insight Finance Solutions worked with Caroline before she even established her business and has been by her side at every stage of growth.


Helen from Insight Finance Solutions is saved in her phone as ‘My Money Angel’ and the two have become firm friends as they’ve giggled over Caroline’s saucy entries on bank statements, receipts and recorded business expenses.


We offer a confidential, judgement and jargon free chat to any sole trader or limited company looking for expert eyes on their accounts and a truly unique approach to supporting business owners with their finances.


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