I’m Helen and I’ve wanted to be an accountant since I was 9 (no really!). Finances, data, spreadsheets and forecasting comes so easily to me. I’ve worked as a Chartered Accountant in practice, a variety of corporate businesses and 1-2-1 with solo entrepreneurs to help them make sense of their income and outgoings. I love the ease and speed of modern technology. I’m an advocate of intuitive software such as Xero to help ensure you can invoice with a click of a button, get paid on time and know your numbers and forecasts well in advance to be able to confidently make the right decisions.

I am a trained coach which comes in handy. I am relatable and I listen. I act as a critical friend – we speak in confidence and I’m able to help clients with their money mindset and money blocks. Clients love this personal approach and it helps us see a full and transparent picture of what’s happening in your business. It’s all part of the service and what sets us apart.

When I’m not on a call with a client, forecasting brilliant growth or preparing reports you’ll find me living life to the full with my husband Tom, sons Ollie and Sam and dog Chloe.

I’d love to have a chat with you about your business and how we can help. Get in touch and let’s arrange a time that is convenient.


Operations Assistant

Introducing Katie, our Outstanding Administration & Operations Assistant!

Katie adores working with our clients, who come from diverse industries with unique ways of working and different passions. She appreciates how we all unite in our efforts to simplify and streamline processes, constantly learning from each and every client.

Katie is a versatile team player, providing a fresh perspective and alternative ways of approaching challenges. As she says she’s the “word document girl” in a team of “excel girls”.

We focus on supporting clients wherever they are and wherever they aspire to be. We take pride in helping our clients thrive both personally and professionally, and Katie is proud to be a part of that mission.

Katie has two young children, so their hobbies and interests have naturally become hers (you could say she’s absorbed them, really). However, she does have a penchant for being a homebody, and she has a budding interest in architecture and property. She also loves crime documentaries! Outside of her professional and criminal curiosities, she enjoys going to the gym and spending quality time with her family and friends.

Katie’s unwavering dedication to client satisfaction, her ability to adapt to various situations, and her passion for personal growth make her an indispensable member of our team. We appreciate her invaluable contributions and the positive impact she brings to both IFS and our clients.


Senior Bookkeeper

Meet Alice, our Senior Bookkeeper Extraordinaire!

As our Senior Bookkeeper, Alice takes charge of all bookkeeping activities, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank reconciliations and management accounts preparation. She excels in processing management accounts and plays a vital role in the preparation of financial reports.

She seamlessly transfers year-end accounts files to external accountants, ensuring a smooth handover.

Alice actively contributes to the development and management of systems, processes, procedures, and the implementation of new software. She loves embracing her inner geek by testing out these innovative tools, ensuring seamless operations and smoother workflows for our valued clients.

At Insight, Alice cherishes the fantastic work/life balance employment we offer. This enables her to enjoy precious extra family time with her boys. She recognises and appreciates the importance of maintaining a healthy equilibrium between work commitments and personal life, and Insight supports her in achieving that ideal balance.

Alice’s adventurous spirit takes her on exhilarating runs and invigorating walks/hikes in the beautiful Derbyshire hills and countryside. She finds solace and rejuvenation in nature, and these outdoor pursuits bring her a sense of fulfilment and tranquillity. Additionally, Alice’s love for music is evident in her passion for attending gigs and live music events. The electrifying atmosphere and soul-stirring performances fuel her spirit and provide a much-needed escape from the daily routine.

Alice’s enthusiasm for exploring innovative technologies, her dedication to achieving work/life balance, her love for outdoor adventures, and her passion for live music make her a well-rounded and vibrant member of our team. Her commitment to excellence and her ability to embrace various interests contribute to the positive impact she brings to our clients’ businesses and the uplifting atmosphere within our team.




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