Insight Finance Solutions client, Wendy McGovern has owned her Pilates business for 16 years and her coaching business for the last 5 years. Chatting with Wendy on our recent monthly money call she revealed something really important – this is the FIRST YEAR for as long as she can remember that she has not been stressed and worried about her finances as we approach the Christmas period.


Wendy joined Insight Finance Solutions as a client at this time last year (November 2018). Prior to become a client of ours, Wendy had employed a bookkeeper who attended her classes. This lady was very skilled in her role, but her heart wasn’t in it and as Wendy explained “She was counting down the days until she could retire.”


Wendy’s bookkeeper would leave her tax return until the last minute. Receipts and statements would be requested just before Christmas and Wendy would always feel stressed and anxious throughout December, worrying what the tax bill would be.


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Working with us at Insight Finance Solutions, we were able to help prepare Wendy’s last tax return very quickly and then implemented the systems and processes to assess her finances every month. It is what we believe in at Insight Finance Solutions. There is no need to leave everything until December or January to get your tax return sorted. We get our clients into a stress free routine of creating financial reports each month so they know what tax will be due well in advance.


As a result of working with us over the past year, Wendy’s tax return for the last financial year was prepared over the Summer, meaning she had plenty of notice to know exactly what was due to be paid to HMRC this January 2020.


She is no longer anxious, with a knot in her stomach worrying about her finances. In fact, Wendy says she’s hardly even thought about it at all!


We’ve managed to get Wendy to a point of stress free finances for the first time in 16 years. It’s exactly what we do!


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