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As Insight Finance Solutions Ltd grows, we keep in mind how important it is to revisit our company values and create a plan to ensure that we are delivering on our values to ourselves (as we believe in leading by example) and our clients. Read on to find out what our values are and why we are different to your usual accountants…

Our Vision

To ensure great financial support is accessible to businesses of all sizes.

We serve small business owners who require financial support, training and who wish to expand their financial awareness.

We believe that businesses of all sizes should get access to sound financial advice and support to set solid foundations for growth without stress and frustration.

Our Mission

To provide accurate, real time information to small business owners to enable them to make well informed and confident decisions in order to grow and move their business forwards.

Our Values

Our company and personal values can intertwine often. In fact, we feel that by holding true to our individual values, we create a great environment that allows our team and our clients to trust in us and to develop their potential in a more positive manner.

Courage – to be courageous in all that we do, to trust in ourselves, to celebrate the wins and not be afraid to fail

Integrity – to be honest, ethical, moral and transparent

Passion – to love what we do and embrace our inner geeks!

Family, Freedom and Lifestyle – to create a flexible, fun, relaxed and professional work environment that allows our team to support themselves, their families, their freedom and their lifestyle.

Our Culture

Our business culture is essential to how our own business, and yours, grow and flourish. We strive to ensure that our culture is:

  • Vibrant
  • Fun
  • Passionate
  • Professional
  • Relaxed
  • Colourful
  • Dynamic
  • Forward Thinking
  • Full of Character

Our Objectives and Goals

To be the go-to, trusted and respected financial support firm within the Peak District and surrounding areas.

To assist business owners to keep their joy, passion and focus on what they enjoy, by removing financial stress and frustration. This helps to build their confidence and allows well informed decision making.

To make finances stress free, insightful, enjoyable, informative and fun.

What We Do

We are the best at bringing affordable finance manager services to small business owners who require financial support, training and who wish to expand their financial awareness.

What Makes Us Different

Our operating principles allow us to commit to clients and follow through with our shared objectives. We communicate openly and clearly, with transparent, jargon free conversations. We are personable and relatable, we’re people, not just accountants. We allow clients to feel comfortable sharing their goals with us and provide information in an understandable way.

We lead by example and display exceptional customer service to all of our clients. Most of our client base are with us based on word of mouth referrals by existing and previous clients who love the way that we work. We use our social media and website to clearly inform and express all elements of our business plan.

What We Offer

We provide affordable finance manager services including:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Management accounts
  • Cashflows
  • Training
  • Planning and Strategy
  • Accountability
  • Financial Education
  • Sound Boarding
  • Intelligence
  • Awareness

Do Our Values Align With Yours?

If you like the sound of us based on the our values and mission, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us to arrange a time to chat.