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Do you feel like you just want to slow down, curl up with a good book in front of the fire and shut out the outside world lately? You’re not alone in feeling this way and there’s a simple explanation – Autumn is the season where we naturally slow down and rest after the bustling warmer months.

Helen explains why we should embrace the seasons of our business, take stock during the Autumn and not give in to the temptation to just push on through to Spring…


Nature and Business – Seasonal Cycles

Business, like life, is cyclical. And as owners, we must navigate all seasons and stages with the confidence that no matter what season we’re in, it shall soon pass into another. We may stay in certain seasons longer than others but eventually, everything will shift and move forward.

This is incredibly useful to remember, particularly when things feel like they’re not moving anywhere. Instead of fighting the natural cycle and “powering through”, we can lean into the season knowing that it will pass in it’s own time.


Autumn – Time to Harvest

After a busy Spring and Summer, most of us are ready for a rest when Autumn comes, it is the ideal time to reflect and reap the rewards of your efforts. Autumn is often the easiest season when it comes to our business, if we allow it to be of course. We’re in the flow, our pipelines are full, our ideas are out in the world and people are paying attention to us.

This is our time to savour our accomplishments and start tying up any loose ends, and can also be the best opportunity to invest back into our business by ways of new software, hiring a business coach or taking a course to build upon or learn new skills.


Winter – Time to Rest and Look Inwards

Following a restful Autumn, Winter is the best time for new ideas to form. It can be hard to be motivated to push new ideas in winter, and that’s perfectly natural. Use the winter months to take stock of exactly where your business is at, determine what’s working, what’s not and where you want to take things once spring arrives.


As you prepare for spring, how can you restore areas of your business that have not been of service to you? Can you fill some gaps by creating better systems in your business? Can you identify any limiting beliefs that will impact your ability to move into spring?


Spring – Let’s Get Those Seeds Planted!

Spring is about possibility and potential. It’s when we’re full of our winter ideas, excited about the future and have the energy to make them happen. After our winter “break”, we’re ready to jump back in with both feet and start planting our seeds, reaching out to contacts and taking the first steps with our ideas.

A clear plan will enable you to plant the right seeds at the right time, ready for blooming in the summer.


Summer – Your Business in Bloom

Summer is often the busiest and most fruitful time of the year, we are watching those seeds we planted in the Spring flourish before our very eyes! Business is growing and thriving following our busy Spring season – we are full of energy and our momentum is strong, we are out meeting people and shouting about our business.

Summer is the ideal time to nurture and tend to our growth, giving lots of water, light and attention to our Spring seedlings – and deadheading any parts that aren’t serving us well!


Let’s Have a Chat!

As business owners we experience all of the seasons and the opportunities these bring. If you’re ready to take a step back this Autumn and take stock of your business and finances, contact me to arrange a chat in confidence.